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A Versatile Ghostwriting Agency

Have a book in your mind but want a professional to write it for you? Or have you already written a book and need an expert set of eyes to edit and critique your work?

Lead by writer and author Joseph Reilly, who has almost a decade’s experience writing and editing across a wide range of niches, our writers bring an unparalleled expertise to provide you with a project that you’ll be proud of.


In 2015 Owner Joseph Reilly got a keyboard tattooed on his hands because he knew that writing was what he would master. Fast-forward to a few years later and he is the Author of the 2020 novel Vanishing Love, produced hundreds of articles, E-books, novels, and more for clients all over the globe. His writing and editing extends to writers just getting started in the industry, businesses that need copy, all the way up to professional authors. He dreamed it, tattooed it, achieved it, and believes you can to. Be sure to check out his author’s page for his latest work.



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